Looking to make a career change? Let’s get the ball rolling. 

Do you ever catch yourself craving a change or daydreaming about a job or industry that truly excites you? Maybe taking a path you’ve always been passionate about but never thought was possible. The idea of a career transition can be intimidating, but it’s achievable with the right mindset and approach.

Step one in making that career change is to examine your current experience and skills. Take the job description of your dream role, and compare it to your current one. Identify the skills you already possess and take note of the ones you don’t have (yet!) – you might be surprised to find that you have more transferable skills than you thought. 

Once you have a clear understanding of the skills you need to develop, it’s time to create an action plan. If the new path you want to take requires a certification or degree, make a list of your top three schools or programs that you would like to attend and make the moves to start applying. If you can dive right into job hunting – create a new resume to highlight your transferable skills and experiences that are relevant to your dream job. Make sure to include a short summary as to why you’re aiming to make this transition at the top of your resume. 

What can turn out to be the most is getting directly in front of people in the industry; reach out to any contacts you may have and ask for guidance. Attend industry events, join online forums, and reach out to people on social media – you can’t underestimate the power of ‘face to face’ interaction. 

Remember, it’s never too late! With a clear plan and a positive attitude you can achieve that career change you’re aiming for.