There is an ‘I’ in Team – We all have a role to play.

Playing your role on a team is vital to both your success and the success of your company. It’s like fitting together all the puzzle pieces to create a masterpiece. When everyone is on the same page and has their own clear goals and tasks, it creates a more cohesive working environment. So, it’s crucial to understand your role on the team – that means knowing what you’re responsible for, what’s expected of you, and how your unique role fits into the bigger picture. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind as you find your place on the team:

  • Communication is essential. Be open, honest, and clear in your communication with your team members. Listen to their ideas and feedback, and provide your own input and insights whether that be about daily workflow, yearly goals or team-building activities. Be accountable for your mistakes AND your accomplishments and those of your team members – and make sure to respond accordingly.
  • Understand Your Role: It’s important to have a clear understanding of your role on the team. This includes knowing what you’re responsible for, what’s expected of you, and how your role fits into the bigger picture. Get aligned with your leadership team on what deliverables they would like to see from you, and the timelines for each. Take note of how your teammates’ roles contribute to your movement on those timelines. 
  • Embrace Differences. People come from different backgrounds and have different experiences, perspectives, and opinions. Respect these differences and work to create an inclusive and supportive team environment. Groupthink can be a detriment to your team and your company – you can’t grow without working through challenges and differing opinions. 

Be Proactive. Take initiative and look for ways to contribute to the team’s success. This may involve taking on additional responsibilities, offering to help out a colleague, or suggesting new ideas or solutions. If you see a teammate struggling – prioritize reaching out and figuring out a solution together.